Vice-chancellor Desk

Once again, an auspicious moment arrives for you and me, and for the whole institution. Education is a continuous process in one’s life, no doubt, with dots, pauses and lull. Convocation is a platform of respite and relish, a break for harvesting and recognition. Of course, it is an annual phenomenon, yet it stands equally significant in the life of students, who have devoted their being to gain the status of becoming. You have proved yourself to get recognition which promotes your desire to march ahead for further studies and the subsequent destination. I am extremely delighted to greet you and be a part of this promising event.

Nevertheless, you should not be lost in complacency rather guard yourself against all possible eventualities. Now- a- days we are passing through, perhaps, the toughest time of the human culture and civilization, a grave threat to our existence. The pandemic, caused by Covid 19, keeps on mutating every other day, posing a grave challenge to the scientists of the whole world, to the world of medicine and vaccination. The governments of all the countries have failed to find a proper solution of this pandemic. Truly speaking, we are yet to develop an exact medicine for this deadly disease. The entire mankind is at stake. And yet, we have to be optimistic and pull on our lives in the best possible way. This pandemic has its worst effects on two major constituencies: the economy and the education. Obviously, we are exposed to fatalities, nonetheless, we have to embark upon it and get through it. As a consequence, we have to adopt certain unconventional tools to reach you: online classes, online examinations and any other virtual mode of instruction. I am aware of the fact, these digital tools do not suit you. But we are helpless, as we have no alternative, no escape. And you have to cope with the recent mode of instructions. The whole world is out to compromise and so are we. Within our limited digital resources/ facilities, we try our best to make the things convenient and convincing. Under such adverse circumstances, you have proved your potential and competence. I must congratulate you for your sincere
and honest endeavor to reach your destination. You, truly, deserve the award/ degree that you are being conferred today. You have a more important role in the future and you should get well equipped for the ensuing challenges. Besides this pandemic, the world has grown highly competitive in providing job or economic security for your livelihood. You have to strive hard to get a berth for sustainability in this huge crowd. And I am sure you would prove yourself in all such constraints and compulsions. I am confirmed of the fact that our institutions have groomed you well to meet the challenges of the world and come out with flying colours.
It is needless to say that you are grown up people, mature enough to be judicious in determining your goal and proceed accordingly. Let me tell you one callous truth of this world: human life has never been a bed of roses, it never was so, and it will never be so. Today it is pandemic, tomorrow it may be something else, in this form or that form. We have always developed some mechanism to encounter. The history of mankind is full of such struggles: conflicts of different sorts. Whatever has been confronted
/ neutralized by our early generation, we are not facing those stumbles; and whatever we are facing today, won’t be so for the future generation. This is the rule of the world.
Just remember one thing that your days of life in our institutions helped you not only in going through the prescribed texts of your syllabus, rather it helped you in making you a complete man in all respects. We are passionate to groom you so. During the process, you were interested in participating in extracurricular activities, such as, seminars, workshops, debate, group discussions, cultural programmes of different kinds, and activities related to games and sports. All these go into the making of a man, competent enough to be accommodated in the complex design of this world. Yes, I can foresee your bright future.
My best wishes for your dazzling career and golden days ahead.