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The  Human Resource Development Centre in the Ranchi University was instituted in 1988-89. The HRDC now functionsin the Own Building at Morabadi Campus, Ranchi University Ranchi with core – Academic Staff Consisting of a Professor who is also the Director and non-Academic Staff consisting of an Administrative Officer, a Selection Grade Assistant and a peon. Casual wage staffs are also employed according to the need. Steps are being taken to appoint a lecturer in the core Staff.

UGC-Consortium ( for Educational Communication has provided Edusat facility to Human Research Development Centre. Many teachers from different Departments and the participants of Refresher Courses/ Orientation Programmes are making use of this facility.Teacher’s Education
HRDC is equipped with a full fledged Computer Lab. We have two AC class rooms with audio visual equipments and facilities for power point presentation. We have to conduct 06 Refresher Courses, 06 Inter/Multi Disciplinary Refresher Courses, 04 Faculty Induction Programmes, 02 Webinar (one day) and 02 Short-Term Courses (7 days) during the current financial year 2020-21.(REVISED SCHEDULE-2020-21) Click here  

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