Computer Centre

The computer centre of Ranchi university was established in the year 1976 at the instance of the University Grants Commission (UGC).  The Centre has installed 1 Gbps Leased connectivity under the UGC INFIBNET Scheme. The INFLIBNET facility is provided to the teachers, research scholars, students, and the administrative staff of the University. Computer Centre is also maintaining the University website. 

The Computer Centre is equipped with 20 networked computers and is intended to provide the following services:

• INFLIBNET access to teachers and research scholars with 25 thin client computers.
• INFLIBNET connection to all P.G. Departments.
• Preparation of the annual budget of the University.
• Computer training of University Officers, Teachers and Non-teaching Staff.

• National Knowledge Network: All the University departments and allied offices, including Library, Academic Staff College, and Hostels are connected to NKN providing 1GBPS connectivity speed, under NME-ICT project of the Government of India.

• e-Learning and Knowledge Centre: This centre is established for students with 25 computer nodes having internet and INFLIBNETaccess.
The Library and all the Departments are connected to INFLIBNET Centre, with access to online e-journals from reputed publishers provided by UGC.

• E-Knowledge and Learning Centre, an extension to Central Library, is ICT-enabled with 24 thin-client nodes and serves as learning space in the University. Seeing the response of the students/scholars the University is planning to increase the facilities.

The national Knowledge Network facility has been recently provided to the University with 400 nodes. This is used to extend INFLIBNET resources to all the Departments, library, and e-knowledge Centre. This will be used to provide audio-video classroom under A-view classroom programme. About one dozen IP Network Camera, installed at strategic points in the campus, also use NKN network

Also provide the following facilities 




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